Inauguration of Honbu Dojo February 16th 2019

The weekend of February 16 and 17 was very emotional.

The day before there had been a meeting of the Nanbudo Kaikan Association with the architect and craftsmen who worked on the transformation of corporate offices into a dojo.

On the morning of the 16th, 80 participants from about ten countries came to practice all weekend in sports facilities provided by the French Karate Federation.

On the 16th afternoon, in several groups, the inauguration of the Honbu Dojo took place around Nanbu Yoshinao Doshu Soke.

The Thieu Lam Center demonstration team performed the Unicorn Dance to bring good luck to the venue.

Several leaders of the French Karate Federation (FFK) apologized for not being present because of important competitions taking place at the same time, but the president of the Departmental Committee was present as well as Guy Sauvin, former competitor of the time when Doshu was also a competitor and former and first National Director of the FFK.

Different speeches were made: WNF, Association Nanbudo Kaikan, FFK and Katsu Karakawa Shihan read two messages of support from Japan: one from the Mayor of Kobe and another from the Prefect of the Hyogo region.

With a few guests, everyone gathered around Nanbu Doshu Soke for the Saturday evening meal, and the next morning on the tatami mats of a big Toulouse club, Shaolin.

The Honbu Dojo is born! It is the bearer of the history of Toulouse and of Japan, of the family of Sonia Valette-Nanbu and Nanbu Doshu Soke, it is the culmination of a project for the Nanbudo.