Calendar 2020-2021 of W.N.F

Subject to possible developments in the COVID epidemic and government measures to deal with it, here is the schedule of planned international WNF courses, supervised by a Dai Shihan, member of the International Technical Department.
Requests for additional international internships with the participation of a Dai Shihan from the International Technical Department can be addressed to the General Secretariat of the WNF. If there is agreement they can be included in the WNF calendar
Other internships supervised by senior officers of Nanbudo can also be included in the calendar provided that all the information (location, accessibility by transport, timetables, accommodation and meal possibilities) is transmitted at least 3 months to the advanced.
Details will come as we go.

December, 11/12/13 : Zagreb (Croatia)
January/february : Cameroun
March : Huesca ou Sabinanigo (Spain)
April : USA
Paris (France)
May : Sandefjord  (Norway)
Du 26 au 30 July : Playa de Aro (Spain)