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  • Worldwide Nanbudo Fédération with the agreement of Doshu Soké Yoshinao Nanbu has finalized a partnership with FUJIMAE (Spain) for manufacture and distribution of Official Nanbudo Gi. For rates and conditions of sale and chipent contact:
  • an article of Kobé shinbun (paper) 28/11/2010 , introducing origin of Nanbudo Emina Begic learning Sa-do (Japanese tea ceremony) April 2009 Stjepan Mesic, Croatia Président visited Japan and met Doshu at the party held by Japanese Ministry of forcing affairs in 2009 Sadakasu Tanigaki at t... [read more]
  • Doshu Soké and Norvégian Nanbudokas Jorge Pie Spain Emina Begic Switzerland Doshu Soké, Sonia and Yume Nanbu accompanied by Croatian Nanbudokas
  • Henry Plée Sensei died on August 1st 2014 in Paris, France. He was a pioneer of Karate and Japanese Budo as well – in Europe, but especially in France. For many European Karateka he is considered as the 'father of both European and French karate'. He was one of the rare 10th Dan Karate holders (awar... [read more]
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