Worldwide Nanbudo Federation

Worldwide Nanbudo Federation (WNF) is an organisation open for everybody who wants to practice Nanbudo.

The aim of WNF is to promote and develop the beautiful martial art of Nanbudo worldwide, strengthen national Nanbudo federations / associations, coordinate international Nanbudo activities, manage WNF licenses and other. The technical development of Nanbudo is guided solely by Nanbu Doshu Soke’s vision, the organisational development of Nanbudo worldwide is guided by the Executive Committee strategies.

The organisation assists and manages a number of events. Amongs which the following take part: common training-camps, main WNF international training-camp in Platja d’Aro in Spain every summer, international Nanbudo seminars around the world throughout the year (all led by Nanbu Doshu Soke, the founder), official international Nanbudo competitions for both juniors and seniors. Nanbudo is a registered trademark and it is therefore necessary that everybody who practices Nanbudo and uses word Nanbudo for/at their activities and in web domains, carries an offical WNF license to do so. Licensing matters are handled by the WNF’s General Secretary Emina Begic (contact General Secretary).

All federations, associations, national entities or single members, who persue or want to persue martial art of Nanbudo, can apply for offical membership in WNF family. All the Executive Committee members are at any time your disposal and it is WNF’s priority to be helpful and useful to you and your Nanbudo organization. Please do not hesitate to contact us if have questions or need further information regarding Nanbudo development in your county.

I hope we will see you by the next Nanbudo event!

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