Affiliation to the WNF for NEW MEMBERS 2017

To apply for the membership for 2017 official representatives should fill in the appropriate form available below.










Organizations that are applying for the membership in the WNF for the first time should also send their statutes translated to English or French. Statutes are prefered in PDF format if they will be sent by e-mail. The Articles of Associations should be used by those clubs whose statutes are not available in English or French and will be sent in their national language consequently.

Send your applications, statutes, and articles of associations:
– by e-mail to: info

Licence fees 2017:
– individual licence for each member of the clubs:  15 EUR
– WNF passport: free
– club licence: 100 EUR
– union / association / federation licence: 250 EUR

New organizations applying for the membership of the WNF will be noted about approval along with instructions how to transfer the licence fees to the WNF bank account.

For more information, please contact us.