Monthly archives:January 2015

  • Worldwide Nanbudo Fédération with the agreement of Doshu Soké Yoshinao Nanbu has finalized a partnership with FUJIMAE (Spain) for manufacture and distribution of Official Nanbudo Gi. For rates and conditions of sale and chipent contact:
  • an article of Kobé shinbun (paper) 28/11/2010 , introducing origin of Nanbudo Emina Begic learning Sa-do (Japanese tea ceremony) April 2009 Stjepan Mesic, Croatia Président visited Japan and met Doshu at the party held by Japanese Ministry of forcing affairs in 2009 Sadakasu Tanigaki at t... [read more]
  • Doshu Soké and Norvégian Nanbudokas Jorge Pie Spain Emina Begic Switzerland Doshu Soké, Sonia and Yume Nanbu accompanied by Croatian Nanbudokas